25 Sense8 quotes that die-hard fans should know by heart

Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close
Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close /
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Sense8 Murray Close/Netflix
Sense8 Murray Close/Netflix /

7. “Some things in our lives are inevitable.”

Wolfgang isn’t one to mince words. It’s not just that Wolfgang is a realist, he’s also a glutton for punishment. While Wolfgang says he wants nothing to do with his family and their business, it hasn’t stopped him from leading a dangerous life. It seems at times that Wolfgang is eager to punish himself.

When Felix is shot because of Wolfgang’s cousin, Wolfgang kills his cousin, Steiner. Killing his cousin sets Wolfgang on a course to a final confrontation with his uncle. Kala does her best to change Wolfgang’s mind, but the unethical locksmith is steadfast. Kala tells Wolfgang how easy it is to change the course of the future, but Wolfgang disagrees; Wolfgang correctly predicts Kala will marry Rajan, and he tells Kala he must confront his uncle if he wants the people he loves to be safe.

Wolfgang is right in the end: some things are inevitable. Wolfgang kills his uncle and Kala marries Rajan. We love this quote because sometimes Wolfgang’s intensity and fearlessness give us the strength we need in real life.