25 Sense8 quotes that die-hard fans should know by heart

Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close
Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close /
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Merie Wallace/Netflix
Merie Wallace/Netflix /

9. “Impossibility is just a kiss away from reality.”

We love Amanita. She’s the world’s best girlfriend thanks to her belief in Nomi’s visions, her awesome rescue mission to get Nomi out of the hospital, and her fierce defense of Nomi to anyone and everyone. Amanita’s mother and three fathers are also a dream; they’re the kind of family Nomi always needed.

While experiencing the highs and lows of Nomi’s visions and sensate experiences, Amanita is Nomi’s rock. Amanita believes there are answers out there, and she’s determined to help Nomi find out what’s happening to her and why. Every time Nomi questions her sanity, Amanita is there to support her and reassure her.

Amanita is never one to accept defeat, and her quote highlights the optimism she has throughout the show’s two seasons. Amanita’s optimism is shared with her parents, and it gives Nomi’s hope in uncertain and scary times. No matter how impossible and improbable something is for Nomi, Amanita is there and promises Nomi all is not lost. Amanita and Sense8 fans have a lot in common in that respect.

As improbable as a two-hour special was last June, Netflix came around, and here you all are Global Cluster.