25 Sense8 quotes that die-hard fans should know by heart

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Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close /
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14. “The bed keeps you in a slum. The flat screen takes you out.”

Despite his circumstances, Capheus always has a smile on his face. Most people would carry anger and bitterness in them if they went through half the hardships and heartaches Capheus has gone through.

When Kala visits Capheus’ home in season 1, we see Kala go through a bit of shock. It’s not that Kala has never seen poverty before, but she’s perplexed how a giant flat screen television exists in such a place (and has a place of prominence). Capheus explains that the movies he watches on TV provide an outlet of hope for him.

While many people watch movies or television shows for fun, or even out of boredom, Capheus finds hope and important life lessons in the big Hollywood movies others dismiss as mindless entertainment. Rather than wallowing in his circumstances, Capheus is transported to other places while sitting down in front of the television.

While everyone may not understand the poverty Capheus lives in, everyone can understand the hope and inspiration he finds in movies. He loves this quote because it gives importance to how people value art forms and culture according to their beliefs. Capheus believes in the power and goodness of Van Damme’s characters, and who are we to argue? He sees things many don’t, and it inspires him to be a better person every day.