25 Sense8 quotes that die-hard fans should know by heart

Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close
Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close /
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The most memorable Sense8 quotes that all die-hard fans should know by heart.

Sense8 is the most quotable drama series. While Star Trek fans have a handful of phrases that have stood the test of time, Sense8 quotes have been sustaining fans between seasons 1 and 2, and season 2 and the two-hour special. (No, we don’t have the date for that yet, but we expect it later this year.)

While we wait for the two-hour special, we’ve started a re-watch and there are plenty of quotes that grabbed our attention. Sometimes the quotes marked a significant character and/or story development, and sometimes the quotes made an emotional impact on fans all over the world.

As we rediscover all the great moments from the first episode to shocking season 2 finale, we were struck by how many quotes from the show have a life of their own.

Take a look at the 25 quotes, from sensates and non-sensates, and let us know what you’re favorite quote is.