Stranger Things gets LEGO treatment to recap season 2 (Video)

Credit; Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit; Stranger Things - Netflix /

You’ve seen Stranger Things 2, but have you seen LEGO Stranger Things 2?

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re a big fan of Stranger Things and I can assume you’ve already seen all nine new episodes from the second season that came to Netflix on Oct. 27. The season totally lived up to the prodigious hype that preceded its arrival and fans are counting down the days until new episodes arrive, which may not be until 2019.

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However, while you’ve likely seen the Netflix version of the Emmy-nominated series, have you seen the LEGO Stranger Things version?

Bookshelf Productions put together a short video that highlights some of the best moments from Stranger Things 2, including Hopper’s epic dad dance to the budding bromance between Steve and Dustin to Eleven’s showdown with the Mindflayer.

It’s not an entire retelling of the nine episodes from Stranger Things 2 as the entire clip checks in at just under five minutes, but for die-hard fans of the show, this will be the best 4:50 of their day. Check out the LEGO Stranger Things 2 video below from Bookshelf Productions.

Wasn’t that totally tubular?!

I think I’ve watched the three-second clip of LEGO Hopper dancing about 37 times while writing up this article and I don’t think I’ve had enough just yet. This is really something special and I hope everyone that was involved in putting this together is rewarded and recognized for this brilliant content.

As for when fans can expect to see the Netflix version of Stranger Things with real-life humans and other alternate-dimension figures, well, that could take a while.

Stranger Things was renewed for season 3, which was a mere formality, after the season 2 premiere, but it may be a rush for the Duffer Brothers to write the story for the next eight-nine episodes and get it shot and edited in time for a late-2018 premiere. While I’d love to have it out as soon as possible, I’d be fine waiting to ensure that the writers had all the time to make the show they want to make instead of rushing a subpar product to satisfy eager fans.

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So until then, we wait and can watch the first 17 episodes over again and again, and mix in the LEGO retelling as well to appease the rapid fan base.