Stranger Things season 3 may not be released on Netflix until 2019

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Credit; Stranger Things - Netflix /

Stranger Things season 3 may not premiere on Netflix until 2019, says David Harbour.

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Last week it was Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner saying the HBO series likely won’t be returning with their final season until 2019. Today, it’s Chief Jim Hopper himself (David Harbour) who hints that Stranger Things won’t have season 3 released on Netflix in 2019 either in an interview with Variety

“I think we’re supposed to go into production around April,” Harbour, who just got nominated for a Golden Globe for best performance by a supporting actor in TV, said. “We’ll see, though. I mean, one of the things that’s annoying for fans is that it takes us a long time to do them. You probably won’t get [season three] until some time in 2019.”

Why so long? He went on to explain a long wait was necessary for the Duffer Brothers to maintain the good quality of their show.

"“Like any good thing, they need time. And those guys work so hard. I mean, they just sit in their apartment and write for 12, 14 hours a day. And the scripts are so sophisticated, but that only comes with time. So the more time they take, the better the scripts are, so that to me is the most important thing.”"

Time is a synonym of quality, and as disappointing as it is for the fans to read, it is evident it is a small compensation for the assurance of a great third season.

But it also raises a whole new lot of questions on what could happen next season. The list of possibilities is endless. While it seems unlikely new characters will be added like it happened in season 2, what seems more probable is that Max, and especially Billy, may get more in-depth storylines now that they have been formally introduced. Just like Kali, Eleven’s ‘sister’, could make a return too. And many relationships newly made official or freshly established such as Mike and Eleven, Jonathan and Nancy, Hopper and Eleven only to name a few should get explored further.

Harbour also weighed in on what has made Strangers Things (which just landed a Golden Globe nomination for best drama series) such a critically acclaimed show over the seasons.

"“I certainly felt when I watched the show all put together in the first season that it was something very special and it was something where it was just of a piece — it could have ended there. And I think some of the debate that goes on, which I really — and the Duffers really like— is like maybe you like season 1 better than you like season 2. I like The Empire strikes back better than I like the original Star Wars; but they’re both sort of great pieces in and of themselves. I think we threw out the mold a little bit and started with this stuff afresh. And we’re like, ‘We’re going to continue to take risks’.”"

It sounds like the viewers could expect many surprises in season 3. Way to tease us, David!

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So until 2019 comes around, strap in and keep yourself occupied with the first two seasons and 17 episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix.