17 Stranger Things quotes die-hard fans should know by heart

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10. “You capture the right moment, it says more.”

Episode: 4

Context: Jonathan and Nancy don’t naturally have a ton in common. They come from pretty different families, different social groups, and in season one he spends most of his time dealing with the fallout from Will’s disappearance.

They are brought together though by Jonathan’s photography. When Nancy realizes she can see the Demogorgon in one of his pictures of Barb, she comes to him for enlightenment on the truly troubling issue.

Unfortunately, he’s never seen the Demogorgon himself, but he can certainly get a better look at it via his darkroom.

Together, they enhance the picture of Barb. As they work, Nancy asks him about why he started taking photos. “I guess I’d rather observe people than, ya know…” he trails off. “Talk to them?” she fills in, knowingly. He goes on to explain his photography philosophy: “Sometimes people don’t say what they’re really thinking. But you capture the right moment it says more.”

Commentary: This quote says a lot about quiet Jonathan Byers. He’s not the social butterfly Steve is, but it turns out he may still have something to bring to a relationship with the beautiful young Nancy.

It’s nice to see them getting to know each other here. They’re an odd pair that really works. Although Nancy ultimately ends up with Steve (who—I know—redeemed himself, sure), I’ll be shipping her and Jonathan going into season two.

Jonathan is kind, introspective, and believes in beautiful moments lived by very regular people. Of all the people who surrounded Barb before her death, he was the one who treated her final moments as art.