17 Stranger Things quotes die-hard fans should know by heart

Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix
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1. “Lando!”

Episode: several

Context: This line is a running joke for everyone’s favorite toothless 12-year-old.

Dustin is hardcore into sci-fi and fantasy, so it makes sense that the bulk of his dialogue consists of references to popular fictional universes. You’ll recall little gems of his, like when he corrects Lucas’ reference to Mirkwood being from Lord of the Rings (“The HOBBIT”).

My favorite gag by far though is his “Lando!” joke. This line is delivered in reference to Hopper’s supposed rescuing of the boys from Brenner’s search party. “Maybe this is all a trap and the bad men are coming to get us right now!”

When Lucas rejects the idea that Hopper could be double-crossing them, Dustin pulls out some excellent evidence to prove his point: “Lando Calrissian!”

For those not as informed as Dustin and the gang, Lando is a Star Wars character known for his betrayal of Han Solo, an old friend of his.

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Commentary: I’ll be the first to admit that Dustin is one of my favorite characters. His in-depth knowledge of fan culture is so charming and moments like this one really make his character sing.

He’s funny and smart. His constant references to Lando read as great comedic relief in serious situations and is much needed in a show that deals out some pretty heavy ideas (There’s a whole terrifying world hidden all around us? I mean, come on!!).

Whatever we get with season two, please let it be more Dustin fiction-references. We all need a little more nerd in our lives.