17 Stranger Things quotes die-hard fans should know by heart

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Stranger Things
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Stranger Things was the surprise hit of the 2016 summer and left fans with a host of memorable quotes.

Stranger Things has everything we could ever want out of a show. It is emotional, nostalgic, it is nice and spooky for late-night viewing, and it even had some really fun comic relief. Of course, one of the very best things about it is how endlessly quotable the material is.

We get some real nuggets of wisdom from Mike and the gang. Their parents and siblings, too, often say things that force us to reflect on our own relationships, our fears, and even the very nature of the world as we know it.

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In addition to these heavy-hitters, we get some fabulous references to science-fiction and fantasy universes. I swear, I’ve been muttering “Lando!” under my breath at all those who’ve wronged me for months now.

Once you’ve watched a single episode, it’s hard to get the show out of your head. It’s been a long year without Mike and Eleven. Thankfully, there’s a second season coming in just a few days to bring the magic of Stranger Things back into our lives.

Consequently, it’s time to get back into the spirit of things! We’re just in time for Halloween, so pull out your Eleven wig, turn up MJ’s “Thriller,” and gear up for a righteous second installment. Here are 17 of the best quotes from Stranger Things to get you back in the mood and ready with quick ammunition for any anti-fantasy mouth breathers who might get in your way.