Stranger Things 2: Why isn’t it called season 2?

Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix /

Make sure you refer to the new installment of episodes of Stranger Things as Stranger Things 2 and not Stranger Things season 2 and here’s why.

I am so excited for the new episodes of Stranger Things that come out on Friday, Oct 27. It’s going to bigger and better than last year with one more episode in this series than last season’s eight.

The new wave of episodes are expected to be darker and bolder than the first and we should see some incredible character development. But there’s one thing that’s very important for all fans to know. Do not refer to it as Stranger Things season 2. It is Stranger Things 2 and that’s how The Duffer Brothers want you to refer to the show they created.

There’s a very simple explanation for that distinction. Originally, Stranger Things was being sold as a movie. The idea was there would be a movie, then subsequent sequels and that’s how the writing has been tailored. The new wave of episodes isn’t being billed as a season 2, rather as a sequel to the first batch.

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Think of this as Terminator 2, Toy Story 2 or The Godfather II. Really, any other movie sequel and apply that to this situation. Moreover, The Duffer Brothers think they can emulate the success stories of those sequels. Sequels are often met with a negative connotation, and more often than not, it’s a fair assessment, because it’s often tough to match the success and hype of the original.

With Stranger Things already picked up for two more installments, I anticipate we’ll refer to them as Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things 4 as well. It’s a little bit of a different practice and verbiage for us to get used to, but I think we’ll be okay with a little practice.

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I’ve already had to stop myself from typing “season 2” more than a dozen times, so I’m still training my muscle memory to get used to the new terminology. I’m really just excited to watch the nine new episodes and I hope you are too.