25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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20. Mae Whitman

Sarah Tuttle – “The One Where Rachel Quits” – S3E10

Her? Yes, her.

Long before actress Mae Whitman starred on Arrested Development and Parenthood, she was Sarah Tuttle, a cookie-selling Brown Bird. Little Sarah Tuttle had her heart set on winning the top prize — a trip to space camp — by selling the most cookies. As Ross and Chandler come up the stairs after playing tennis, Ross accidentally knocks Sarah down the stairs with his backswing. Sarah ends up with a broken leg, and her chances of winning the trip to space camp are ruined.

Racked with guilt, Ross steps in and offers to sell Sarah’s cookies for her. He thinks he’s got a good shot at it, thanks to becoming “Cookie Dude” and selling cookies outside of the Pink Floyd laser show.

Unfortunately, he loses out to another Brown Bird who loaned her uniform to her older sister. To make up for it, Ross and the guys set up a makeshift space camp in Chandler and Joey’s apartment, covering the recliner in aluminum foil and reenacting a shuttle launch with her in it.

Mae Whitman was only about 8 years old when she appeared on Friends, but it wasn’t her first acting gig. Before that, she had been in a few movies, both big screen and television. She got an early start in voice acting which she still does today. You may have heard her in shows like The Wild Thornberrys and Young Justice. Whitman is currently voicing Batgirl on DC Superhero Girls and April O’Neil in the newest version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.