25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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3. Anna Faris

Erica – “The One With the Birth Mother” (first appearance) – S10E9

Add Anna Faris to the list of “before they were famous” Friends guest stars.

When she played Erica, the birth mother to Monica and Chandler’s twins, Faris was recognizable from her part in Scary Movie and the two sequels as well as a supporting role in The Hot Chick alongside Rachel McAdams and Rob Schneider.

Faris was a perfect choice for the sweet but naive Erica. When we first meet Erica, she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy and trying to choose the best parents for her child. After a mix up at the adoption agency, she chooses the Bings believing that they are a doctor and a reverend.

Monica is so desperate to have a baby that she goes along with it and pretends to be a reverend. Erica finds out about the mistake and is so furious that the Bings would lie that she refuses to consider choosing them. Fortunately, Chandler convinces her that they would be great parents.

When it’s time for Erica to have the baby, she comes to New York to stay with Monica and Chandler. While she’s there, she reveals that she’s not sure who the father is, that it could either be her football player boyfriend or a guy who is in prison for killing his father with a shovel. Monica eventually discovers that “Shovelly Joe” couldn’t possibly be the father, much to Chandler’s relief.

Once Erica goes into labor, everyone is shocked to find out that Erica is giving birth to twins, one boy and one girl. They name the boy Jack and the girl Erica in honor of the birth mother.