25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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4. Hank Azaria

David the Scientist Guy – “The One With the Monkey” (first appearance) – S1E10

During the ten seasons of Friends, the core members of the group had several boyfriends and girlfriends and, in Ross’s case, spouses. Although Phoebe dated quite a bit over the years, it could probably be said that she really only had two true loves – Mike Hannigan, the man she eventually married, and David the scientist guy.

David and Phoebe met at Central Perk where Phoebe called David and his friend out for talking too loudly during her performance. After he explained that they were arguing over how beautiful she was, Phoebe’s reaction to him softened and they ended up dating.

Unfortunately, David was heading to Minsk to work on a research project so their relationship is cut short, leaving Phoebe heartbroken. They reunite briefly when he returns to New York for one day before heading back to Minsk to continue his work. Once his project comes to an end, he moves back to New York only to find Phoebe involved in a serious relationship with Mike Hannigan. W

hen Phoebe and Mike break up briefly, David swoops in and follows Phoebe to Barbados where he proposes to her after getting some bad advice from Chandler.

Hank Azaria’s voice acting is far more well-known than his physical appearances in television and movies. Before Friends, he was a regular on the Paul Reiser/Helen Hunt comedy Mad About You. But what he’s really famous for are his numerous roles as various characters on The Simpsons. In addition to Apu, Azaria also provides the voices for Chief Wiggum, Moe, Cletus, Dr. Nick, Professor Frink, and many others.

Speaking of The Simpsons, his co-star Dan Castellaneta also had a guest spot on Friends, playing a zookeeper in an episode in which Ross attempts to track down Marcel.