25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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Credit: Friends – NBC (screengrab)
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5. Brooke Shields

Erika Ford  – “The One After The Superbowl: Part 1” – S2E12

Brooke Shields got her start as a model and child actress, taking on a controversial role as a child prostitute in Pretty Baby when she was just 12 years old. In her teen years, she appeared in movies like Blue Lagoon and Endless Love. But, it was a Calvin Klein ad that launched her back into the spotlight. After the attention from the famous “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” ad waned, Shields focused on acting instead of modeling.

Among her numerous television guest appearances, Brooke Shields showed up in the second season of Friends. Shields played Erika Ford, an obsessed and delusional fan of Joey’s character on Days of Our Lives.

Unable to separate reality from fiction, Erika thinks Joey is Dr. Drake Ramoray and, because of how beautiful she is, Joey is reluctant to explain it to her. Instead, he plays along and goes on a dinner date with her. After deciding that her looks aren’t worth putting up with her bizarre behavior, his friends help him convince Erika that “Drake” is a fraud and a womanizer.

Not long after her Friends appearance, Brooke Shields starred in her own show, Suddenly Susan, which lasted for four seasons. She’s also been a regular guest star on That 70s Show and Hannah Montana and was a cast member of Army Wives and Lipstick Jungle, a series based on a book by Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell.