25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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Credit: Friends – NBC (screengrab)
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6. Jennifer Coolidge

Amanda Buffamonteezi – “The One With Ross’s Tan” – S10E3

Jennifer Coolidge is one of those actresses who seems to be everywhere. She’s known for her role as “Stifler’s mom” in the American Pie movies, Elle’s friend Paulette in the Legally Blonde movies, and she frequently appears in Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries like Best in Show.

In the final season of Friends, she made an appearance as Amanda Buffamonteezi, a former friend and neighbor of Monica and Phoebe’s. Amanda possesses a hilarious lack of self-awareness along with a fake British accent. Phoebe and Monica try to avoid Amanda’s invitation to hang out but Chandler, unaware of their plan, accidentally answers the phone when Amanda calls. Their plan B involves faking an accident involving Chandler and Mike, allowing Monica and Phoebe to cut the evening short.

After the uncouth Amanda reveals that Phoebe was dodging Monica’s calls and trying to avoid seeing her back in 1992, Monica cuts Phoebe out of the “fake accident” scheme, leaving her stuck with Amanda for the evening.

Jennifer Coolidge delivered a hilarious performance, right down to claiming she felt like a “perfect arse” for blabbing Phoebe’s secret. When Chandler briefly ends up alone in the apartment with Amanda, she tells him he looks “ghastly” and forces him to watch her awkward high-kicks, claiming that it’s amazing how she’s never had any formal dance training. It’s a shame this was her one and only appearance on the series.