25 famous actors you didn’t know appeared on Friends

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8. Jennifer Saunders

Andrea Waltham – “The One With Ross’s Wedding (Part 2)” – S4E24 (first appearance)

Like Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Saunders was well-known for her comedy in England before she appeared on Friends. Unlike Laurie, Saunders ended up with a bigger part on the show. Saunders was unforgettable as Andrea Waltham, the self-absorbed stepmother to Ross’ second wife, Emily Waltham.

Andrea Waltham spends much of the time on her phone or drinking or both. She even makes a pass at Ross, calling him “delicious.” Her own husband, Emily’s father Stephen, refers to her as “self-involved,” adding that he should have never married her.

The Walthams and the Gellers hit it off at first until the Gellers realize that the Walthams are trying to trick them into paying to remodel their house as part of the wedding expenses.

Another similarity between Jennifer Saunders and Hugh Laurie is that she is also half of a well-known British comedy duo. Along with her partner, Dawn French, Saunders was the star of a sketch comedy series known as French and Saunders.

She later starred in the hilarious hit comedy Absolutely Fabulous opposite Joanna Lumley. As Edina and Patsy, Saunders and Lumley appeared in six seasons of the tv show and reunited for an Absolutely Fabulous movie in 2016. Saunders also voices the Fairy Godmother character in Shrek.