Stranger Things Season 2 trailer to air during Super Bowl

Stranger Things- Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things- Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

The first Stranger Things Season 2 will air during the Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots!

Looks like Stranger Things fans will have a reason to tune into the Super Bowl. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the first Stranger Things Season 2 teaser trailer will air during Super Bowl 2017 on Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons meet the New England Patriots.

This is a great move by Netflix to advertise, possibly, the most popular series of 2016 during America’s most-watched sporting event. It will get people who watched the first season excited for the new season. Most importantly, though, it should give those who haven’t seen the series a chance to reevaluate their life, sign up for Netflix, and start watching the best series of the year!

Update: Here is the Stranger Things Season 2 Super Bowl ad! 

And, on top of that, fans of the series should also be able to tell their friends about how good the series was! Word of mouth is still the best marketing, as they say.

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I was probably going to watch the game anyway, but now I have a dog, or maybe a demogorgen, in the fight! I’ll be paying attention to the commercials more than usual so I don’t miss the first look at Stranger Things Season 2! You should probably do the same.

Netflix will likely release the full trailer on YouTube after the Super Bowl. We will share it for you, so you can still see it if you miss it!

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Netflix has not announced when exactly the series will be released. We do know that the new season is coming in 2017, though. So, be on the lookout this Spring for Netflix to announce the release date for the second season. We’ll be sure to let you know when we find out!