Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Man Fire Food - Cooking Channel
Credit: Man Fire Food – Cooking Channel /

45. Man Fire Food

Roger Mooking is the host of the series and takes across the globe as he explores the many ways people are cooking with fire.

Do not watch this show on an empty stomach because you’ll be craving everything we see on this show. The first episode takes us to the Barbeque Exchange to sample pulled pork sandwiches called Heaven and Hell. Then, he tries a sandwich made with corn cakes at Papa Kayjoe’s BBQ.

We go to classic hotbeds for BBQ like San Antonio and Austin, Texas, North Carolina and up to New England for clam bakes and steaming mussels.

It’s as educational as it is entertaining to see smokers, outdoor kitchens, underground ovens and more cool ways to use fire to prepare our meals.

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