Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Good Eats - Food Network
Credit: Good Eats – Food Network /

1. Good Eats Collection

Alton Brown is all over The Food Network and all over this list of the best reality TV, but the Godfather of the network made his first mark with Good Eats.

He’s funny, quirky, educational as he explores the ingredients and the science of cooking. It’s one thing to know something tastes great, but to know why something tastes delicious is at the heart of this series.

There are 25 of the greatest episodes in series history available to stream on Netflix and you’ll be better off by watching them all, especially if you’re planning on entertaining friends and family for a fancy dinner party.

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Some of the best episodes in the collection you can watch are the sushi episode where Alton shows us how to prepare it as well as how to order and eat it properly.

Also, the episode where he shows sus how to make beef jerky with a simple window fan and the corned beef episode where he walks us through the step-by-step directions to make the cured beef.