Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Chopped - Food Network
Credit: Chopped – Food Network /

2. Chopped Collection

Ted Allen hosts the cooking competition that features a rotating panel of judges that critiques the four contestants hoping to win the cash prize at the end of the hour.

There is an appetizer round, main course and then the two finalists compete in the dessert round. But there’s a catch.

It’s one thing to have trained chefs prepare a first-rate meal with any and all ingredients at their disposal, but it’s a completely different thing when the contestants are forced to make a dish with specific and outlandish ingredients in the mystery box.

It’s so cool to see how creative the contestants can get when forced to work with ingredients they’d never choose to work with, but when $10,000 is on the line, you’ll be surprised by how outside-the-box the contestants can get to create a winning plate.

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