Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Last Chance U - Netflix
Credit: Last Chance U – Netflix /

10. Last Chance U

Last Chance U was added to Netflix on July 29 and became an instant hit. The Netflix Original documentary series chronicles the 2015 season of East Mississippi Community College as they seek a third straight junior college national championship. The football program is a point of pride for the small town of Scooba, Mississippi who doesn’t have a lot else besides the school and this powerhouse of a football program.

The program serves as a “last chance” for student athletes who want to make it to major college football and have a shot at making it in the NFL. Athletes who didn’t have the grades to qualify for university out of high school and athletes who transferred out of major programs for myriad reasons use EMCC as their chance to get out of Scooba and make something for themselves.

Helping them along the way is academic counselor Brittney Wagner who is as much the star of the series as players like John Franklin, DJ Law or Ronald Ollie or even intimidating head coach Buddy Stephens.

The viewer can’t help but root for these kids as they chase their dream and makes for a compelling watch.

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