Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Man vs. Food - Travel Channel
Credit: Man vs. Food – Travel Channel /

15. Man vs. Food Collection

Adam Richman has had every job you can have in the food service industry but I have to say his best job is as the host of Man vs. Food. He goes to some of the coolest restaurants and diners across the country sampling the local cuisine.

The hook of the series is Adam does different eating challenges at the end of each episode where he’ll subject himself to eating the hottest wings on the planet to stuffing his gut with a steak as big as a manhole cover or a pizza that’s as big as a Buick.

You’ll be watching and convince yourself you can easily eat the things Adam is eating and want to try the challenge yourself, but when you see Adam puking his guts out or quitting halfway through, you’ll second-guess yourself, but it’s a great watch nonetheless.

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