Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Kitchen Nightmares - Fox
Credit: Kitchen Nightmares – Fox /

22. Kitchen Nightmares (U.S.)

It’s the show that introduced American audiences to chef Gordon Ramsey. The foul-mouthed and feisty celebrity chef goes into fledgling restaurants and sees what it is that has them as a fledgling restaurant that’s struggling to turn a profit, produce quality food and bring customers in to eat.

He’s like a drill instructor in the military and whips the restaurant owners, chefs, wait staff and everyone else affiliated with the restaurant into shape to reverse their fortunes.

It’s great theater to watch Ramsey rip into these people, but it’s also great theater to see them respond to his tough love and put his ideas to practice. Seeing the success stories makes it all worthwhile.

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