Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Undercover Boss - CBS
Credit: Undercover Boss – CBS /

25. Undercover Boss

Five seasons of the show hosted by Mark Keller are on Netflix where heads of massive companies go undercover to get a different look at the inner workings of the company they run.

The bosses don wigs, fake mustaches and whatever else they need to throw off their employees because they take low-level jobs to work side-by-side the employees they rule over. They are privy to the behind-the-scenes conversations where employees can vent about their day-to-day duties.

Whether it’s the lack of benefits, lack of help, lack of pay, lack of a clean workspace, the bosses empathize with the employees after doing menial jobs for a few days. At the end of the episode, there is the big reveal that the new employee they’ve been working with is actually the boss of the company.

It ends well for the employees who are on the receiving end of money to help cover childcare costs while they’re working, tuition to return to college to better themselves and other perks the bosses dish out after stepping foot in the shoes of their employees.

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