Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Worst Cooks in America - Food Network
Credit: Worst Cooks in America – Food Network /

27. Worst Cooks in America Collection

The Food Network does a nice job of showcasing their incredibly talented team of culinary masters, but this isn’t one of those shows. This show allows the viewer to feel good about their culinary prowess or lack thereof as they see the worst cooks in America competing for a $25,000 prize to see who can improve the most.

Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay serve as the kitchen mentors but the real stars of the show are the contestants themselves.

It’s cool to see who gets stressed out the most and panics at the thought of making a simple dish or even turning the stove on. While other contestants embrace their bad and are receptive to the instruction from the two Food Network personalities.

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