Best Reality Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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Credit: Cesar 911-
Credit: Cesar 911- /

28. Cesar 911

You know that annoying dog in your neighborhood that won’t stop barking when it’s outside and you have to close your doors and windows in the summer so you don’t hear the incessant noise? Cesar Millian takes care of those dogs and trains them so they are well-mannered little pups.

Whether the dog is super aggressive toward people or other dogs and animals or has other obedience issues, Cesar is a magician and trains these dogs to be domesticated pets who won’t force their owners to put them up for adoption or run wild in the neighborhoods.

I don’t know how Cesar does what he does, but I’m so impressed by the way he goes about his craft and rarely loses his patience or even keel temperament.

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