Best Kids TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (October 2018)

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48. Mickey and the Beanstalk

Released on: 1947
Directed by: Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts
Starring: Walt Disney, Clarence Nash, Pinto Colvig

The Mouse takes on the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, and takes the Duck and the Dog (at least we think Goofy’s a dog…) along for the ride. Donald is in full PTSD mode in this mini-series (which also features a retelling of The Brave Little Tailor), which may make it inappropriate for children under 5. But either way, the premise of the story has been the same since it was a Grimm’s fairy tale: the people are suffering, and they can’t even kill a cow properly to feed themselves, so they go into town to sell the cow and come back with magic beans.

The magic beans are then tossed out into the field, where they grow into a beanstalk that leads to a giant who’s rich as hell and is holding a lady in a harp hostage. The trio release the lady in the harp, steal the food, kill the giant, and live happily ever after. Again, this isn’t a mini-series that’s appropriate for kids that are too young to understand the nuances of the film, but it’s good entertainment for kids of the right age.