Best Drama TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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Wentworth /

29. Wentworth

Release Year: 2013

Creator: Lara Radulovich, David Hannam, Reg Watson

Starring: Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson, Shareena Clanton, Leeanna Walsman, Jacqueline Brennan, Celia Ireland

Wentworth is one of the most kept secrets on Netflix, but we’re trying to get the word out as best as possible about this Australian crime drama. The fourth season of Wentworth was added in late July, one day after the season finale on Foxtel and delivered an ending that fans are still trying to come to terms with.

If you like Orange is the New Black, then you’re going to love Wentworth, because it’s so dramatic and grittier than the American Netflix series. Both are great shows to be sure, but there’s a little different vibe with Wentworth from the way its shot to the cast to the tone. If you haven’ seen an episode of Wentworth yet but have heard the chatter about how good it is, the time is now to watch this addicting drama that makes for a killer binge-watch session.

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