25 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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10. Kill la Kill

Seasons available: 1

Rating: TV-MA

Languages: Japanese with English subtitles; English dubbed

Kill la Kill has been one of the most popular titles as of late. Although it also includes a missing father, like Hunter x Hunter, the shows are different in every other way. That includes its protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, who wields a scissor-like long sword and has some plans to avenge her father’s death, all while attending a prestigious academy, where uniforms made of special fibers can give their wearers special powers and are handed out by the student body president.

Also, the uniforms may also turn into skimpy outfits. Furthermore, the main villain of the series may also be the academy’s director and president of a company that makes clothing.

Anyway, this anime has plenty of action going for it, and while it’s certainly full of anime stereotypes, it plays them so ridiculously that many reviewers have given it five stars and then proceeded to gush about how much they love Kill la Kill.

Because it does play so heavily on anime tropes, it shouldn’t be your very first series. However, once you have some other shows under your belt, circle back around to Kill la Kill and settle in for a relatively short (26 episodes) series.