25 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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15. Case Closed

Seasons available: 1 collection

Rating: TV-14

Languages: Japanese with English, Arabic, and Polish subtitles

There are two things to know about Case Closed. First, you’re about as likely to recognize the name Detective Conan as you are Case Closed. The series has run for quite a long time — so long that many of the negative reviews on Netflix are about the fact that the episodes currently available are actually relatively recent ones from seasons 24 and 25. Crunchyroll, which currently simulcasts new episodes of the series, lists episodes 754-842 as of this writing.

Second, Detective Conan is so popular and so well-known that he’s even gotten an airport named after him in Japan.

So yeah, Case Closed has been around forever. Fortunately, the episodes mostly stand alone, save for a few here and there which require some previous knowledge of the movies. Teenager Shinichi Kudo has already earned a reputation for his detection skills. While looking into a mysterious organization, he’s given a drug which transforms him into an elementary student. Taking the false name of Conan Edogawa, he decides to move in with a friend and her father, a private detective, and, well, close some cases.

Fans state that Case Closed is basically a family show, but be warned that content can vary wildly, not dissimilar to the family show Doctor Who.