25 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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17. Kuromukuro

Seasons available: 2

Rating: TV-14

Languages: Japanese with English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, French, and Japanese subtitles; English, Spanish, French, German dubs

Another Netflix-licensed original, Kuromukuro takes mecha, samurai, teen drama, and science, then mashes them all together. For those who prefer to just watch the English dubs, be warned, as it sounds like the access to English audio cuts in and out per user reviews.

Basically, a young man by the name of Kennosuke was put into cryostasis during the Sengoku period. (An extraterrestrial invasion had something to do with it, shockingly enough. To be more specific, he was piloting a stolen mecha known as the Black Relic.) However, roughly in the modern-day, researchers uncover the long-buried Black Relic and eventually manage to wake Kennosuke up as well. Naturally, he’s very, very confused about such concepts as the United Nations.

However, another invasion of Earth, by the same force as before, has begun, and now Kennosuke must get back into the Black Relic and start piloting again with the help of Yukina, a modern-day girl.

Reviews vary wildly between declaring love for the series and declaring dislike for its strange pacing and emphasis on the dramatic side of things as opposed to the mecha-piloting side of things.