Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Netflix new releases - Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais: Humanity – Credit: Ray Burmiston /

You may know Ricky Gervais from his time on The U.K. version of The Office and his various roles in films, but he’s also a hilarious stand-up comedian. His first special in years debuted on Netflix in March of 2018 with a super-sized 80-minute special.

The prevailing theme of the special was not to be afraid of saying something and worrying about who you may or may not offend with your joke. Gervais implores the audience and the viewers to let it fly win, lose or draw if you think of something funny.

Gervais opened with an explanation why some of the people who are offended by his jokes are actually missing the joke. They misinterpret the subject of the joke with the target of the joke.

I thought my favorite part of the special was when he explained his reasoning behind not having children. I’m not going to tell the joke, because that would ruin it for you, and I’m not about to spoil the fun for you, but I had tears falling down my face as I watched.

I really was laughing throughout the entire thing. It’s a bit of a longer special that many comedians would provide, but that just goes to show you, Gervais is not most comedians, and he goes above and beyond the call of duty. A must-watch and in the running for the best specials of 2018.

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