Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Netflix Original Bill Burr I'm Sorry You Feel That Way
Netflix Original Bill Burr I'm Sorry You Feel That Way /

11. Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way

Bill Burr dominates the stage as he walks back and forth on the Tabernacle Theater stage in Atlanta with the confidence and bravado of a veteran stand up who has done this for years. The best thing Burr does and why he’s so popular is because he doesn’t mince his words and try to sugarcoat things. He’s sharp, brash and doesn’t care if you’re offended by what he has to say. He’s arrogant but not to the point that it’s standoffish or annoying

Which is exactly why political correctness is a staple of his routines and this special. He touches on disgraced former Food Network personality Paula Deen, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling who “is pretty open-minded for an 80-year old white guy.”

Burr tackles topics like suicide, his eating habits and how animals need to die every day for him to survive, how regrets come to haunt him in the shower, sex, and of course religion. Burr touches on his flirtation with Scientology and his inability to suspend belief as an adult after his liberal acceptance as a child.

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