Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Credit: Tom Segura: Mostly Stories - Netflix
Credit: Tom Segura: Mostly Stories – Netflix /

17. Tom Segura: Mostly Stories

Tom Segura’s newest stand-up special Mostly Stories joins Completely Normal to give fans of Segura a chance for a double feature because one hour of comedy from Segura just isn’t enough.

In Mostly Stories, Segura talks about the plight of the overweight man, something he can relate to and his past stand-up has focused on, and what it must be like to work at a strip club named BEEF. Segura also tells stories about what you can tell about a guy based on the car he drives, the special area on a man that all women need to know about and the big lie he once told Mike Tyson.

Sure enough, his beard is a little bushier than the last time we saw him on stage and it’s long overdue since his last special, so add it to your list and prepare to laugh at his observations and stories in Mostly Stories.


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