Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive
Credit: Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive – Cara Howe – Netflix /

31. Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive

I loved Tracy Morgan on Saturday Night Live and on 30 Rock, where he really took his career to the next level. I’ve followed his career in the years since the show has been off the year, and I’m thankful that he still has a career, and a life, after nearly dying in a car accident years ago. He was struck by a Walmart truck that left him in a coma and doubts about his survival, let alone if he would ever be able to work or perform on stage again.

Thankfully, Tracy Morgan is alive and well and able to resume his career. In his first Netflix special, Staying Alive sees Morgan talks all about his life from the moment he woke up in the hospital and all the hurdles he had to clear to get his life back in order. It’s remarkable how he’s able to put a comedic spin on something that was so terrible. It’s rather poignant how the ridiculous Tracy Morgan was able to give viewers a healthy dose of perspective in this laugh-out-loud special.

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