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Perfect Match. Shayne Jansen in episode 01 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

Perfect Match

Hosted by Nick Lachey 

If you wanted the stars of the biggest Netflix reality shows in one location, falling in love, and competing against each other, Perfect Match is officially the show for you. Netflix released Perfect Match on Valentine’s Day 2023. Well, the streamer released four episodes. The remaining episodes are getting the weekly drop, which is actually working well for Netflix reality shows.

Perfect Match has a Love Island vibe. We start with 10 contestants, and as the show goes on, contestants who can’t stay coupled up are eliminated and new reality show stars join the chaos. Fans get to watch some of their favorite reality contestants try to find love in an interesting environment. Will these couples stick it out until they end? Will the couples end up staying together? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Here’s the cast of Perfect Match season 1: Nick from The Circle, Joey from The Circle, Francesca from Too Hot to Handle, Kariselle from Sexy Beasts, Shayne from Love is Blind, Zay from The Ultimatum, Ines from The Circle, Savannah from The Circle, Dom from The Mole, and Anne-Sophie from Selling Tampa. More Netflix reality stars join the show

Stay tuned for more updates on Perfect Match!

– Written by Bryce Olin