44 best romantic movies on Netflix (January 2022)

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Best romantic movies: Like Father

Release Year: 2018

Directed by Lauren Miller

Starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, and Seth Rogen

Like Father is one of the best movies on Netflix that you probably haven’t seen. The movie premiered on Netflix in 2018 and has an awesome cast with Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammar, and Seth Rogen, who is married to Lauren Miller, who directed the movie.

Like Father is Miller’s directorial debut, and Miller wrote the screenplay for the movie, as well.

After Rachel, played by Kristen Bell, is ditched at the altar on her wedding day, she still decides to go on her honeymoon. Instead of bringing her ex, that would especially awkward, she brings her father, Harry, played by Kelsey Grammer. The pair have grown apart over the years, and the vacation is a good time to bring each other back into their lives.

While on the trip, Rachel meets Jeff, played by Seth Rogen, and things get very interesting.

I really enjoyed this movie, and I highly recommend it to fans of Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, and Kelsey Grammer.