Best Kids Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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1. Zootopia

Release Year: 2016

Written and Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Idris Elba, Tommy Chong, J.K. Simmons, Jason Bateman, Jenny Slate, Nate Torrence, Alan Tudyk, Octavia Spencer, and Shakira.

One of the highest rated movies currently on Netflix, Zootopia is a kid-friendly story about a con artist-esque fox and a rabbit police officer teaming up to solve a mystery in the animal city of – you guessed it – Zootopia. Everyone in this movie is an animal and just so happens to be voiced by someone at least moderately famous. The witty dialogue and constant puns throughout make this movie a must-see for kids.

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Zootopia deals with a few real world issues and has a solid plot, something that many more recent movies for children can’t really say about themselves. One of the most positive aspects about this movie is that there are no musical numbers, which, while bad for kids, is great for parents who are one rendition of Let It Go from going insane.

While there are many other fantastic kids’ movies on this list, Zootopia earns the top spot by a mile, as the best kids’ movie on Netflix for right now.