Best Kids Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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29. Sky High

Release Year: 2005

Written and Directed by Mike Mitchell

Starring Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, Danielle Panabaker, Kevin Heffernan, Lynda Carter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Bruce Campbell, Dave Foley, Chris Wynne, Dee Jay Daniels, Kelly Vitz, Nicholas Braun, Loren Berman, and Steven Strait

While today’s kids are blessed with a new superhero movie every six months, 90s kids like myself thought Sky High was the epitome of awesome.

The premise is that there is a high school for the children of superheroes and supervillains, and those who fail to develop powers are forced to become sidekicks. Main character Will Stronghold is the son of some of the most powerful superheroes in the world and has yet to find his powers. After a supervillain threatens the world, he and a band of misfits must team up together to save the day – and find their true powers.