Best Kids Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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36Curious George

Release Year: 2006

Written and Directed by Matthew O’Callaghan

Starring Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, Eugene Levy, Frank Welker, Dick Van Dyke, David Cross, Joan Plowright, and Ed O’Ross

One of the most beloved characters of all time, Curious George is a great adaptation of a classic children’s story.

The Man in the Yellow Hat adopts Curious George from Africa, but finds out that he might be a little too much to handle as the curious chimp causes havoc everywhere he goes. Curious George learning to adapt to a new world and understanding that he is right where he needs to be is the theme of this movie and leads to a heartwarming tale about friendship and belonging.

With several recognizable voices including Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, and Dick Van Dyke, this animated movie is well done and something that children will want to watch again and again – especially if they have read or seen any of the books.