Best Netflix and Chill Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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leap year
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29. Leap Year

Release Year: 2010

Directed: Anand Tucker

Starring: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott

In Irish tradition, if a man receives a proposal on Leap Day, he cannot refuse. So Anna (Adams) is traveling to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy (Scott). She is tired of waiting around and wants to make sure they will be married.

It has been four years already after all. However, the weather seems to want to derail her plans. Her plane is forced to land in Wales. When she tries to take a supply vessel the rest of the way, they are forced to disembark, where she ends up stranded at an inn in Dingle.

At this point, Anna is desperate to get to Dublin so she asks the owner of the inn to drive her. Declan (Goode) agrees as long as she pays to get his inn out of debt. The journey that ensues is full of mishaps but also realizations. Maybe Anna doesn’t need the fancy proposal and the rich cardiologist fiancé. 

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