Best Netflix and Chill Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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Credit: American Pie Presents: Beta House
Credit: American Pie Presents: Beta House /

35. American Pie Presents: Beta House

Release Year: 2007

Director: Andrew Waller

Starring: John White, Steve Talley, Christopher McDonald, Eugene Levy

The third in the American Pie Presents series and sixth overall in the American Pie franchise, Beta House wraps up the story that began in The Naked Mile with a pair of Stifler’s the main characters in the movie.

You remember Sean William Scott’s character in the original American Pie movies, right?  

The family line lives on as John White stars as Erik Stifler who pledges the Beta House fraternity as a freshman where his cousin Dwight Stifler (Talley) runs the house. The same pranks and juvenile humor and jokes you know from the previous American Pie movies are prevalent throughout the movie, including plenty of sex-related humor and in-your-face nudity.

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