Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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7. The Fly

Released on: August 29, 1958

Directed by: Kurt Neumann

Written by: James Clavell

Starring: Vincent Price, Patricia Owens, Al Hedison

This is the original film that inspired the 1986 remake of the same name, starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. But did you know that this film – and all others that came in its wake following this initial release – was inspired by a short story of the same name, written by George Langelaan, for Playboy Magazine?

This classic film is about how a fly gets into a scientist’s transportation machine, mixing its atoms with the scientist’s, and transforming him, slowly, into an overgrown fly. This film, of course, is in the Smithsonian’s register of one of the greatest films of all time – and the amazing thing is, this film was made for a measly (even by 1950s standards) $495,000 and used army surplus equipment for most of their props.

At that time, it made more than $3 million in profit in the box office. Adjusted for inflation, it’s one of the top grossing sci-fi/thriller films of all time. American filmmaker Tad Lincoln has recently announced that he is considering a reboot of the series, but no definitive plans for its reboot have been made as of this writing.