Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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20. The World of Tomorrow

Released on: January 25, 2005

Directed by: Kerry Conran

Written by: Kerry Conran

Starring: A Bunch of Robots

This is the only sci-fi short to make it to this list, and it’s a worthy addition indeed. It’s fun to watch the film to spot the errors, more than anything (the film is supposed to take place in the 1930s, but the buildings feature TV towers, and TV, of course, wasn’t invented until the 1950s). It’s a truncated version of The War of the Worlds, in which a crazy robot species takes over Earth when everyone least expects it, and the only survivor is a journalist who’s trying to interview a scientist. Because, you know, it makes total sense that a journalist’s only concern during an alien invasion is getting an interview with a scientist. Next up: we bake a cake as the apocalypse rages all around us!