Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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35. Young Ones

Released on: October 17, 2014

Directed by: Jake Paltrow

Written by: Jake Paltrow

Starring: Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult

There is no one else on Earth other than Gwyneth Paltrow’s little brother that is able to pull of such a ridiculous concept (Earth runs out of water, people become savages – think a more cerebral Waterworld) and get Michael Shannon (General Zod in the latest Superman reboots) and Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy/Beast in the latest X-Men reboots) to star in it. And act. With straight faces. Necessary shade aside, it’s a pretty decent offering, and Paltrow knows how to be a pretty decent director. Hey, it’s better than nothing.