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hellraiser hellseeker
hellraiser hellseeker /


Release Year: 2002

Director: Rick Bota

Starring:  Dean Winters, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley

Trevor is in a terrible car accident in which he loses his wife Kirsty and almost his own life. After a month passes, Trevor wakes up hospitalized and finds out that Kirsty’s body was never recovered from the scene of the accident.

As the film unfolds, Trevor discovers his wife may still be alive, but also is greeted by Pinhead, who forces Trevor to see the reality of his ways. By the end of the film, everything that appeared to be one way is, in fact, the opposite. Pinhead never goes quietly.

Clive Barker didn’t direct Hellseeker but gave valuable input that only helped the strength of this film’s horror factor. Hellseeker was also the last Hellraiser film that had any involvement from Barker himself. Hellseeker was released straight to video but was well directed. The idea to bring back Kirsty who was in the original and sequel was a big bonus for fans.

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