Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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Dark Skies
Dark Skies /

5. Dark Skies

Release Year: 2013

Director: Scott Stewart

Starring:  Keri Russell, Jake Brennan, Josh Hamilton, J.K. Simmons

The Barrett family are like any other suburban family trying to make ends meet, which can be a struggle. One night, Lacy Barrett checks on her sons then heads down to the kitchen. She finds the fridge wide open and all the vegetables were eaten but the meat is untouched still intact.

Strange occurrences continue to happen in the middle of the night involving the fridge and other stuff in the house being completely out of place. To make matters worse, Sammy Barrett, the youngest son, starts to have random episodes including urinating his pants and blank stares of near unconsciousness. The family comes together to take on possible alien forces at play.

Dark Skies has some serious star power with Keri Russell in the lead role and Academy Award winner, J.K. Simmons makes an appearance as a spiritual expert of sorts, really giving the film a big boost.

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