Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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17. Ravenous

Release Year: 1999

Director: Antonia Bird

Starring:  Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette

Any story that includes references to the Donner Party must be gut wrenching stuff. The movie takes place in the mid-1800s in California around the time of the Mexican-American War. With a stunning mixture of war and cannibalism, Ravenous hits pretty hard.

This is a film that is hard to classify because of all the elements at work. While it’s definitely classified as a horror film, Ravenous shows itself as a sort of black comedy as well. Who knew humor and cannibalism work so well together?

Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, and David Arquette create a strong cast that carries the movie well. For a movie that received more negative reviews than not initially, Ravenous has a strong following some 15 years later.

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