Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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Credit: The Veil
Credit: The Veil /

18. The Veil

Release Year: 2016

Director: Phil Joanou

Starring: Jessica Alba, Thomas Jane, Lily Rabe

Jessica Alba stars as Maggie Price, a documentary filmmaker who wants to get the truth behind the mass suicide of the Heaven’s Veil cult led by Thomas Jane’s character Jim Jacobs. Maggie and her brother Christian’s father worked for the FBI that discovered the cult but after witnessing the damage Jim inflicted was tortured enough to commit suicide.

Maggie and Christian contact the lone survivor of the mass suicide, Sarah Hope (Rabe) who was only five years old when the events took place. Though reluctant, Sarah agrees to take part in the documentary and returns to the scene where the mass suicide took place. When they arrive, mysterious and supernatural things begin to happen that leaves the documentary crew fighting for their lives.

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