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wolf creek 2
wolf creek 2 /


Release Year: 2013

Director: Greg McLean

Starring: John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn

Mick Taylor is one terrifying dude. John Jarratt returns as Mick, the crazed sniping killer wreaking havoc in the Outback. Rural Australia is apparently a terrible place to encounter a killer with a good long-range shot.

The movie opens with a scene where two police officers harass Mick, leading to Mick getting tickets he doesn’t deserve. It takes a little time for the police officers to figure out they messed with the wrong guy.

I’m a big fan of the Wolf Creek series. The beautiful scenery and Jarratt’s outstanding performance shine brightly. Definitely, make sure to see the original Wolf Creek if you get a chance, but the second film follows its own story and can be viewed on its own.

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